about us

Reason To Plant

Pedh Lagao is an innovative unique online tree plantation service to make India, green, pollution free healthy and happy that allows individuals and corporates to commemorate special occasions by planting trees on behalf of family, friends or employees, in projects initiated by us in urban, rural and forest sectors of India.

Pedh Lagao is planting trees with a vision to plant #10CroreTREESby2025 PAN India and help them to be mature trees for a sustainable, green and healthy India. It is not a just simple tree plantation project though, it is a livelihood generation for rural communities’ and farmers, it’s to make urban India GREEN again, to empowerment, an employment creation, socio-economic, socio-environmental, water catchment, biodiversity, environment, wildlife and forest promotion and protection, programme.

Vision: Planting #10CroreTREESby2025 PAN India.

Mission: Sensitising the people about value and importance of the trees, environment, environmental issues and its adverse impact on our lives and empower them to contribute to a sustainable and GREEN World.