Offset Your Carbon Footprints

Imagine a carbon footprint neutral a GREEN life? How would you feel if you could offset the carbon footprint of your entire life by planting trees?

Planting tree is an important and easy, economical fast, action oriented solution to neutralise the impact of global warming and climate change.

How many trees do you need to offset your carbon footprint?

A tree can absorb as much as 22 kilograms of carbon dioxide per year and can sequester 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old.

If we assume average life span of a person 80 years, average life span of a tree 40 years and carbon absorption by a tree 22 kg/ year. Then in India every person should plant 110 trees /year to offset his carbon footprint.

Here is easy table to calculate number of plants you should plant to offset your carbon emission per year

Country Avg. per capita emissions To offset, plant
Urban India 3.5 tons p.a. 318 trees
India 1.2 tons p.a. 110 trees
USA 20 tons p.a. 1820 trees
UK 9.4 tons p.a. 855 trees
China 4.6 tons p.a. 421 trees
Russia 11 tons p.a. 1000 trees

Pedh Lagao give you an opportunity to plant online tree from the comfort of your office or home with just a few clicks. Celebration with tree, we can expand the green cover on Earth, improve and protect environment and create a green and pollution free world for our present and upcoming generations.

Based on above table compute your annual carbon footprint and extrapolate over your life span. Set an annual and a lifetime tree planting goal and make your entire life carbon neutral!

by online planting/ gifting the trees to your near and dear ones, friends and family you are inspiring others to follow your act and spreading the circle of nurturing the environment.

Make a particular aspect of your life carbon zero like air travel, your commute to work, computer use, electricity consumption, etc. Plant trees to offset emissions from the same.