CSR Programme

Project Title: Creating Oxygen Hubs

Due to rapid urbanization, Pune is among one of the polluted city in India. As per 2013-14 reports City of pune emits 46 lakh tonnes of carbon in one year. This directly affects level of oxygen in environment. Cummins decided to fight against this pollution and started spend CSR funds for “Creating Oxygen Hubs” i.e. (Converted Non Forest land to Forest).

Cummins partnered with various NGOs, communities, civic authorities, elected members and the defence department in the city to create oxygen hubs by creating forest.

Project Implementation by:
Pune Municipal Corporation, Defence Department in Pune and various NGOs

Amount spent: INR 1.112 Cr

Location: Pune, Maharashtra

Estimated Impact:
Under this activity Cummins planted more than 35000 trees and also looked after their sustainability.

Project Title: Save Bird Campaign

Under the theme of “Animal welfare” DB Corp Ltd launched Save Bird campaign because thousand of bird species have gone extinct in last few decades. The aim of Save Birds initiative was conservation of birds. Citizens were encouraged to keep Bird Baths (Sakoras) or vessel at their homes and workplaces, filled with food grains and water.

Company has also partnered with WWF India and Nature Forever Society for this campaign to improve sustainability of Save Bird Campaign.

Project Implementation by:
DB Corp Ltd (Directly)

Amount spent: INR 0.8 Cr

Madhya Pradesh, Chattisgarh, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Delhi NCR

Estimated Impact:
The initiative has received tremendous response in 34 cities. Sensitization workshops were conducted in 886 colonies, 203 parks and 446 schools i. Also, 1 million earthen vessels (Sakoras) were distributed.