about us

How We Works

As per your selected project we plant gifted plants in urban area, in underprivileged villagers’ and rural community lands and in forest lands. We arrange all required resources locally for plantation as saplings (fruits, medicinal, wild etc. as per requirement), organic compost, labourers, equipment, water, expert’s consultation, soil testing, re-plantation. We keep close watch until plants are self-sustainable. We use different kind of innovative methods and technologies for fast and healthy growth of planted saplings.

Evergreen and fruits saplings are planted in urban area for a green, pollution free and healthy urban India to curve the rising pollution and temperature.
Fruits, medicinal and livelihood generating saplings are planted at tribal, farmers/villagers’ lands and community/govt. lands to support rural communities.
Our team keep close watch and maintain health card of trees to ensure a healthy growth until plants are self-sustainable.
Time to time independent auditor visits site to audit plantation and growth status
Plantation pictures, health and growth pictures put on our social media and website.