about us

What We Do

Pedh Lagao is trying to create new green belts, make up and replanting green belts and forests destroyed by human action, through our innovative well-structured plans, responsible planting by the help of individuals & corporate alliances.

To achieve our goal of #10CroreTREESby2025 , we do different type of tree plantations throughout the year as Conventional Urban plantation, Fast Growing Urban Dense Forestation, Rural Livelihood Tree Plantation, Forest Mass Plantation etc.
We invite every individual, schools, colleges, government organizations and corporates to celebrate their special moments and occasions in eco-friendly and green way by planting online trees on the behalf of their family, friends or employees through the Pedh Lagao platform.
So far, we have saved and protected many millions of trees and planted more than 200,931 saplings with over 90% survival rate in rural and urban area.
We do mass tree plantation drives for the corporates and companies under CSR.