What is Woodland

Woodland is a sacred grove/cluster of fruits, medicinal, evergreen plants and flora fauna planted in community land for the welfare of communities which is maintained by locals. There are different names to it in different states of India. Few of the examples are: Maharashtra it is known as Vanrai/ Devrai, Andhra Pradesh they call it Pavitrakshetralu, Arunachal Pradesh it is called Gumpa Forest, In Assam it is called Than or Madaico. You can find more details here.

Woodland help mainly in

Maintaining and increasing greenery of certain area. It helps maintain water tables in the area. Many fruits, medicinal, evergreen trees can be found and grown here. Contribution towards maintaining temperature of the area. Local biodiversity and flora fauna get secured and it generally flourish due to Woodland.

Create A Woodland: Dedicated to Your Hero/ Celebrity/ Family

People can plant /dedicate Tree/create Woodland on the birth day of his favourite hero, celebrity, political leader.